Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The most extreme MOM

I love my mom. Mom can sacrifice everything just for her offsprings even her life. This is the same in animal world. For instance, octopus has to look after 50 000 babies with her eight arms. Some octopus moms could have eaten their own arms rather than having their eggs unprotected. The octopus has 50 000 reasons to fight for. When she eventually frees herself from her offsprings, she is just extremely exhausted that she cannot even fight for her own life. However, this is just nothing compared to sea louse. Sea lice are marine external parasites that feed on the mucus, epidermal tissue and blood of host marine fish. She is the most extreme mom in the world. She really makes the ultimate sacrifice once she gives birth. This all thanks to her ungrateful offspring. The last but not least thing she does before die is having kids. Pity her. When the sea louse male get into the female pants, tragedy happens. The male kidnaps the female in which the female is then raped by up to 25 females. Eventually, they are all pregnant. Worst of all, the sea louse babies has eaten her mom right from the inside. How ungrateful the babies can be. The babies kill her mom at last once they escape their way from her. The sea louse mom is splitted apart by her babies. ending her whole life. Although it is a reproduction process that every mom must go through, but undoubtedly when it comes to motherhood, sea louse female is the most extreme mom overall.

The most extreme-Survivor

Tardigrade (Water bear)

Have you watched "Survivor" before? In this TV show, contestants are isolated in the wilderness and compete to survive. Through this show, you can see how people get to survive in extreme environments. However, human is not the most extreme survivor. Water bear can beat down human easily in surviving in extreme circumstances. The extreme circumstances would kill almost any other animal but absolutely not water bear. Rather than being big size like human, they are microscopic and cannot be seen by naked eyes. They are water-dwelling, segmented microscopic animal with eight legs. The biggest adults may reach 1.5 millimetres whereas the smallest may reach the size below 0.1 millimetre. As from the name, this microscopic animal walks slowly like a bear. In other word, the water bear is also called tardigrades which means slow walker. Talking about the ability of survive in extreme conditions, they can stand extreme high and low temperatures. They can survive at temperatures as low as -273 degree Celcius and temperature as high as 151 degree Celcius. They can even survive 1000 times more radiation than other animals. Human dies if scarce of water for 3 days, but water bear can lose 99 % of the water in its body and still be able to survive for 120 years in dehydrated state. Last but not least, they are found to survive in a vacuum such as space. Ig all human beings have the ability of survive as the water bear, we are immortal.

The most extreme-Fighter

What you know about ant? Yes, ant loves sweet foods. There must be ants around when there are sweet foods. Ants have colonised almost every landmass on Earth. They can form colonies from a few dozen predatory individuals living in small natural cavities. Later on, their colonies can develop into millions of individuals which occupy large territories and highly organised. Ants have division of labour in their societies. They communicate between individuals and able to solve complex problems. Despite of these, these little small creatures are devastating warriors. They even beat down lions, polar bears, male elephant seal and so forth to be the most extreme fighters. As warriors, nothing is allowed to stand in their way. When they see an opposing colony coming the other way, the ants send out workers. They have their own effective strategies such that they can calculate their advantages. They win in every war because they will never fight a fwar they think they can lose. If they lose, then there must be some mistakes in calculating. You just cannot imagine what this small creature can do. They can even sacrifice themselves during war. A group of Asian Ants make the ultimate sacrifice by rupturing glands on its abdomen to explode themselves so as to release toxic substances at the enemy. They are braver and more couragous than human beings are. Hence, unquestionably, ants are the greatest military force the world has ever known!

Monday, January 24, 2011

The most extreme-Thinker

Think twice before you do. This phrase can be applied to all human but not animal. Animal cannot think like a human does. However, undeniably, some animals are smart and they are good thinkers. What animal comes first to your mind? Chimpanzee? Yes, they can be as smart as a four-year-old children and they have escaped a jail cell in the past. They can even use many tools to get food. How smart they are! They are some kind look similar with human as chimpanzees split from human avolution about 6 million years ago. But chimpanzee is not the best thinker of all animals. The best thinker goes to parrot. Most are predominantly green, with some bright colors, whereas some species are multi-colored. They can mimic human speech. That is why so many people like to keep parrot as pet. They do not just mimic blindly, some can even understand what they are mimicking. If you go to zoo, you can see their great performance such as riding tricycle, picking up numbers mentioned, and they can even solve some simple mathematics and best puzzle. The animal trainer trains the parrot to perform in front of visitors and feed them with nuts or seeds once the parrots complete the tasks given. They able to do all these things as they have the intelligence of the average six-year-old children.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The most extreme-Biter

Cookie Cutter Shark
I am sure that most of us had been bitten by insects or even larger animals such as dog. But none of us like it. To a lesser extent, the bites might cause pain and itchyness, the worst comes to the worst, it might even cause inflammation and death. Most animals bite. Have you ever think that what is the most extreme biter in the world? 10 animals which portray the extreme biters' characteristics are examined and ranked. The most extreme biters as in descending order are mosquito, naked mole rat, rattlesnake, funnelweb spider, crocodile, vampire bat, dog, komodo dragon, hippopotamus and last but not least, the most extreme biter goes to cookie-cutter shark. It is found to have the biggest teeth in the world. The jaw consists of about 35 tooth rows on the top and about 27 on the bottom. The upper teeth are small and narrow compared to the bottom teeth which are extremely sharp and longer. What leads to the unique bite mark is the cookie cutter shark is moving its jaw back and forth while attacking. Although the bite is small and rounded but it is deep. Just imagine that a clean hole left when you use a cookie cutter on dough. This is how the bite looks like. The diagram on the right hand side shows the bites of cookie cutter found on the body of a fish. The cookie cutter shark's bite can be found on whales, nuclear submarine, communication cables and so forth. The cookie cutter shark might look harmless due to its pregnant appearance and rounded nose, however, the bite is the most extreme of all animals in this world.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

The most deadly snake

Snake generally does not seem friendly to us. Its unique appearance and deadly poison produced make most of us stay away from it. By the way, do you know what is the most deadly snake in the world? Yes, i think many of you get it right, the Cobra. In terms of human deaths caused by snakes, the cobra is the deadliest. The cobra is the longest and most venomous snake in the world. King cobras can reach 18 feet which is 5.5 meters in length. Among the venomous snakes, their venom is not the most potent. However, a single bite from the cobra up to two-tenths of a fluid ounce (seven milliliters) can kill 20 people or even bring down an elephant. A person being bitten by the cobra will die within 10 minutes. The neurotoxic poison injected into the victim destroys the communication between nerve cells. Once destroyed, the victim's muscles cannot be used in any kind of defense. Sometimes, the bites are not real bites or so-called dry bites. The dry bites consist of bacteria from the cobras mouth which may cause serious infections. However, the medical complications arised from the bite may eventually cause death. Despite all these, the cobra is shy thus trying to avoid humans whenever possible. But when confronted, it will become fiercely aggressive by raising up to one-third of their bodies straight off the ground and moving forward to attack. Hence, try not to offend and walk away quietly when you encounter the cobra.

The most extreme blood sucker

Obviously, when mentioning the blood sucker. the first thing comes into our minds would probably be vampire. However, does vampire really exist? Or it is just a character to make a movie interesting? Girls, to be frank, you must have think that a vampire is an attractive handsome tall guy with super power. Yes, undoubtedly we are influenced by the character in the movie. But in reality, we do have a little creature called tick being the most extreme blood sucker. This little vampire is commonly found in most wooded and forested regions. The heat emitted and carbon dioxide respired signals the existence of the host nearby. It will attach to the host and begin to suck blood from the skin. This might take several days before the tick drop off the host when full. The blood is adequate for it to live for some time. Please be aware that tick is more active outdoors in warm weather. You just cannot imagine what this little vampire can do. The tick can drink 600 times of its body weight of blood. This is just unbelievable. Proportionally, a human will need to swallow the content of a swimming pool that is more than 10 000 gallons of blood.

Friday, January 14, 2011

The best jumper animal

Who is the best jumper animal? Tree frog? Jumping spider? Red kangaroo? Grasshopper? Well, they are in the list of best jumper animal, but the best goes to cat flea. Most of us may think fleas are small little annoying creatures that constantly scurry through your cat's fur. Fleas are external parasites which pierce skin and suck blood thus causing painful itching. However, its ability to jump is undeniable. The flea wins easily for body size compared to jump height. Their legs are long and the hind pair is well adapted for jumping. They can jump 220 times their own body length and 150 times their own body height. Did you realise a flea can jump 33 cm in one leap - over a foot? To put into perspective, can you imagine how far and how high a human can jump with the fleas' jumping ability. This absilutely makes fleas win the longest and highest jumper animal.

Strongest creature in the world

Talking about the strongest creature in the world, many people would definitely think about elephant. The new world record on 23 March 2010 revealed the world strongest creature are rhinoceros bettles. Being the largest living land mammal, you would probably think that a massive elephant is able to carry more weight than a little insect. Yes, without a doubt, elephant can carry a lot more weight than the little bettle, but when talking about propotional strength, rhinoceros bettles are absolutely the winner. They can lift up to 850 times their own weight. u would not believe that if a human had the strength of the rhinoceros bettles, he would be able to lift a 65 ton object. It is virtually impossible! During the mating season, the bettles would have to fight and battle to remove the other to quest for the right to mate. The bettle's ability to resist rivals is measured by how much weight was needed to pull the other male bettle out of his "love tunnel". From the scientist's investigation, they have found that it would take 1141 other bettles to pull a male bettle out of "love tunnel". I am so impressed that how strong a little bettle can be compared to the smartest creature, human.

Fastest land animal in the world


Cheetah, the fastest member of the cat family is given the distinction of being the fastest land animal. It lacks in climbing activities but gains in speed and stealth instead. The Cheetah can reach speeds between 112 kilometres per hour (70 mph) and 120 kilometres per hour (75 mph) in short bursts up to 460 metres. With immense ease, Cheetah can accelerate from 0 tp 60 mph in 3 seconds. The question comes, why would a cheetah need to be able to run so fast? Gazelle plays a crucial role as it is Cheetah's favourite prey which comes in a close second to the its amazing speed. It is interesting to find out the Cheetah and gazelle share a predator-prey relationship in thier natural habitat. This is the pretty strong motivation for Cheetah to practice its wind sprints. Just try to imagine if there is one running alongside your car when you are driving at such speed.

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