Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The most extreme-Biter

Cookie Cutter Shark
I am sure that most of us had been bitten by insects or even larger animals such as dog. But none of us like it. To a lesser extent, the bites might cause pain and itchyness, the worst comes to the worst, it might even cause inflammation and death. Most animals bite. Have you ever think that what is the most extreme biter in the world? 10 animals which portray the extreme biters' characteristics are examined and ranked. The most extreme biters as in descending order are mosquito, naked mole rat, rattlesnake, funnelweb spider, crocodile, vampire bat, dog, komodo dragon, hippopotamus and last but not least, the most extreme biter goes to cookie-cutter shark. It is found to have the biggest teeth in the world. The jaw consists of about 35 tooth rows on the top and about 27 on the bottom. The upper teeth are small and narrow compared to the bottom teeth which are extremely sharp and longer. What leads to the unique bite mark is the cookie cutter shark is moving its jaw back and forth while attacking. Although the bite is small and rounded but it is deep. Just imagine that a clean hole left when you use a cookie cutter on dough. This is how the bite looks like. The diagram on the right hand side shows the bites of cookie cutter found on the body of a fish. The cookie cutter shark's bite can be found on whales, nuclear submarine, communication cables and so forth. The cookie cutter shark might look harmless due to its pregnant appearance and rounded nose, however, the bite is the most extreme of all animals in this world.


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