Sunday, January 16, 2011

The most extreme blood sucker

Obviously, when mentioning the blood sucker. the first thing comes into our minds would probably be vampire. However, does vampire really exist? Or it is just a character to make a movie interesting? Girls, to be frank, you must have think that a vampire is an attractive handsome tall guy with super power. Yes, undoubtedly we are influenced by the character in the movie. But in reality, we do have a little creature called tick being the most extreme blood sucker. This little vampire is commonly found in most wooded and forested regions. The heat emitted and carbon dioxide respired signals the existence of the host nearby. It will attach to the host and begin to suck blood from the skin. This might take several days before the tick drop off the host when full. The blood is adequate for it to live for some time. Please be aware that tick is more active outdoors in warm weather. You just cannot imagine what this little vampire can do. The tick can drink 600 times of its body weight of blood. This is just unbelievable. Proportionally, a human will need to swallow the content of a swimming pool that is more than 10 000 gallons of blood.


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