Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The most extreme MOM

I love my mom. Mom can sacrifice everything just for her offsprings even her life. This is the same in animal world. For instance, octopus has to look after 50 000 babies with her eight arms. Some octopus moms could have eaten their own arms rather than having their eggs unprotected. The octopus has 50 000 reasons to fight for. When she eventually frees herself from her offsprings, she is just extremely exhausted that she cannot even fight for her own life. However, this is just nothing compared to sea louse. Sea lice are marine external parasites that feed on the mucus, epidermal tissue and blood of host marine fish. She is the most extreme mom in the world. She really makes the ultimate sacrifice once she gives birth. This all thanks to her ungrateful offspring. The last but not least thing she does before die is having kids. Pity her. When the sea louse male get into the female pants, tragedy happens. The male kidnaps the female in which the female is then raped by up to 25 females. Eventually, they are all pregnant. Worst of all, the sea louse babies has eaten her mom right from the inside. How ungrateful the babies can be. The babies kill her mom at last once they escape their way from her. The sea louse mom is splitted apart by her babies. ending her whole life. Although it is a reproduction process that every mom must go through, but undoubtedly when it comes to motherhood, sea louse female is the most extreme mom overall.


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