Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The most extreme-Survivor

Tardigrade (Water bear)

Have you watched "Survivor" before? In this TV show, contestants are isolated in the wilderness and compete to survive. Through this show, you can see how people get to survive in extreme environments. However, human is not the most extreme survivor. Water bear can beat down human easily in surviving in extreme circumstances. The extreme circumstances would kill almost any other animal but absolutely not water bear. Rather than being big size like human, they are microscopic and cannot be seen by naked eyes. They are water-dwelling, segmented microscopic animal with eight legs. The biggest adults may reach 1.5 millimetres whereas the smallest may reach the size below 0.1 millimetre. As from the name, this microscopic animal walks slowly like a bear. In other word, the water bear is also called tardigrades which means slow walker. Talking about the ability of survive in extreme conditions, they can stand extreme high and low temperatures. They can survive at temperatures as low as -273 degree Celcius and temperature as high as 151 degree Celcius. They can even survive 1000 times more radiation than other animals. Human dies if scarce of water for 3 days, but water bear can lose 99 % of the water in its body and still be able to survive for 120 years in dehydrated state. Last but not least, they are found to survive in a vacuum such as space. Ig all human beings have the ability of survive as the water bear, we are immortal.


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