Monday, January 24, 2011

The most extreme-Thinker

Think twice before you do. This phrase can be applied to all human but not animal. Animal cannot think like a human does. However, undeniably, some animals are smart and they are good thinkers. What animal comes first to your mind? Chimpanzee? Yes, they can be as smart as a four-year-old children and they have escaped a jail cell in the past. They can even use many tools to get food. How smart they are! They are some kind look similar with human as chimpanzees split from human avolution about 6 million years ago. But chimpanzee is not the best thinker of all animals. The best thinker goes to parrot. Most are predominantly green, with some bright colors, whereas some species are multi-colored. They can mimic human speech. That is why so many people like to keep parrot as pet. They do not just mimic blindly, some can even understand what they are mimicking. If you go to zoo, you can see their great performance such as riding tricycle, picking up numbers mentioned, and they can even solve some simple mathematics and best puzzle. The animal trainer trains the parrot to perform in front of visitors and feed them with nuts or seeds once the parrots complete the tasks given. They able to do all these things as they have the intelligence of the average six-year-old children.


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