Friday, January 14, 2011

Strongest creature in the world

Talking about the strongest creature in the world, many people would definitely think about elephant. The new world record on 23 March 2010 revealed the world strongest creature are rhinoceros bettles. Being the largest living land mammal, you would probably think that a massive elephant is able to carry more weight than a little insect. Yes, without a doubt, elephant can carry a lot more weight than the little bettle, but when talking about propotional strength, rhinoceros bettles are absolutely the winner. They can lift up to 850 times their own weight. u would not believe that if a human had the strength of the rhinoceros bettles, he would be able to lift a 65 ton object. It is virtually impossible! During the mating season, the bettles would have to fight and battle to remove the other to quest for the right to mate. The bettle's ability to resist rivals is measured by how much weight was needed to pull the other male bettle out of his "love tunnel". From the scientist's investigation, they have found that it would take 1141 other bettles to pull a male bettle out of "love tunnel". I am so impressed that how strong a little bettle can be compared to the smartest creature, human.


rhea abrenio said...

Oh wow!! Incredible!! It was amazing..Unbelievable!!!

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